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General Questions

1How can FavSEO help my website?
FavSEO is a team of professionals with minimum experience of 6 Years. In last 6 years, we have helped more than 200 websites in getting good positions on relevant keywords. We can help you with the same. With FavSEO, we assure you getting good positions on those keywords which can bring you more business. FavSEO works in correlation with increasing your ROI.
2What are your pricing/plans?
We have simple plans for all the websites. We do not have plans based on the number of keywords as this is not practical. If your website performs well on few relevant keywords, it will rank higher on rest of all the keywords.
3How soon can we start seeing the results?
This question is subjective in nature. We have given results in 20 days for few clients and many have taken 3-4 months. But, we can assure that by the end of the third month, you can start seeing results which will make you more confident about continuing our SEO services.
4Is there any contract?
No, there is no contract. You can cancel our services anytime. Though, we expect that you continue for at least three months to see some results.
5What is your refund policy?
As this is a month to month service, we do not have any refund policy. Once we accept the funds, we won’t be able to refund the same. Though you can cancel our services any time by just dropping an Email and you won’t be charged further.
6Can I stop using your services after few months when we get on top on Google?
SEO is like a race. You can’t stop as your competitors can overtake you, then. But, we know that once you use our services, you will see a good value addition to your business. Our services will definitely justify the cost you will be spending on us.

BigCommerce App

1How to Install FavSEO App for BigCommerce Stores?
Please visit this link and you can install it then.
2How can FavSEO App for BigCommerce Stores help me get more sales?
This is a smart app which knows what is more important for your store to get better rankings on Google. It will audit your products, categories, pages, brands and blogs on targeted keywords and will provide a course of action which will keep your website all good You can also use the bulk editor in case you don’t have much expertise and time. This will save lots of time when you want to add your website name to all the Titles. You can also bulk edit all the Titles and Meta Descriptions at one place along with the character count.
3Is FavSEO a free app?
Yes, it is. All our standard features are free for your BigCommerce stores. You can use the bulk editor and Title/Description editor for free!
4What is the difference between Standard and Premium plan?
In the Standard plan, you get access to Bulk Editor and Bulk Title/Description editor with character count. And yes, it is 100% Free to use! In Premium plan, you get all the features of the standard plan with SEO Audit Tool, Duplicate Title/Meta Description finder, Restore Points, Score Card along with our awesome priority support.
5Is there any trial?
Yes, you can try our Premium plan for 10 days! There is no need of credit card for this.
6What will happen after the trial?
If you do not upgrade after trial, it will downgrade to Standard plan which is free of cost.
7How can I use the Bulk Editor?
In the Bulk Editor tab, you can add any common word as prefix or postfix to all Titles. For example: If you want to add your brand name to all the Titles of products. Just enter your brand name inside "Title Prefix", Click on "Update Settings" and click on "Update Product Titles"
Steps to use Bulk Update:
1. Enter the four fields as you want. None of them is mandatory to enter.
2. Click "Update Settings".
3. Now click on any or all of the four buttons to update Titles as per the settings you entered in four fields.
8What is the Score Card?
It shows how your store is performing when it comes to SEO. Once you enter the target keywords in products/categories/pages, you can see if they are optimized correctly. If you have all “good” in the table, you have the highest chance of getting good positions on Google.
9How can I analyze my home page?
Simply visit the General tab and enter your home page in the URL along with the target keyword. Your target keyword should be the phrase which you believe will generate most of the sales when searched by your prospective customers. The analysis will show you how your website is currently performing on the target keyword, and what changes you should do to make it perform better! 95%+ score is what you should aspire for.
10Can you tell more about bulk editing Title/Meta Descriptions?
This is our USP. You can edit all the Titles and Meta Descriptions at one place. There is no need to export a file, edit and import on BigCommerce store. You can do that easily using our App. That’s too for free! It will also show the character count which will be helpful while writing. Do not exceed the limit.
11Is there any guideline for writing Title/Meta Description?
Follow the below steps and we are sure, it will help your website in getting good positions on Google:
1. The Title should be 50-60 characters
2. The Title should include target keyword, not more than once.
3. The Meta Description should be 140-160 characters.
4. The Meta Description should have target keyword mentioned for once along with other keywords.
12What is the SEO Audit Tool?
SEO Audit Tool is what you need for your BigCommerce Store. It will tell you exactly what you need to do with Title/Description when it comes to targeted keywords. It comes with our premium subscription and can be very helpful in keeping you informed about the real status of every single product, category, page, brand and blog. If you are paying US$ 20/month for this tool, consider this as the best and smallest investment for your store.
13What is duplicate Title or Meta Description finder?
It is not good to have duplicate Title or Meta Descriptions in your BigCommerce stores. You need to tweak them and make them relevant to the pages. It may seem lots of work but this is important for your Google rankings. Inside SEO Audit, you can find which Titles or Meta Descriptions are duplicate and you can fix them.
14How Restore Points work?
Whenever you login inside your BigCommerce Store, it creates a point for that Day. You get the total of three Restore points for three different days. If you click either one of them, your SEO settings, Title/Meta Description/Target Keywords will be restored to that point.
15How Fav Rank Tracker works?
1. Click on Tools >> Fav Rank Tracker. 2. Connect your Google Webmasters Tools (also known as Google Search Console) account. 3. Once connected, add keywords inside Keywords Rank Tracker and track the positions. 4. Explore new opportunities by going through the search queries. 5. Submit the sitemap (if not submitted) inside Sitemap submitter. 6. Identify the crawling issues inside Crawling Errors Finder and fix them. ​
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